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I am a virtual assistant specialising in digital services. I will help you develop your business in the online world, save money, time and energy.
virtuálna asistentka Ľudmila Ondášová
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Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional assistant who offers their services remotely. As an entrepreneur, he or she will issue you an invoice, which you can put as expenses. The assistant is not an employee of the company, but rather a co-worker who plays an important part of it.
Virtual assistants use commonly available software tools and applications in their work. Many assistants have several years of experience as an administrative assistant or office manager.
A virtual assistant provides a wide range of services, which may include administrative tasks, calendar and email management, various graphic design services, or communication with customers. They can manage social media, do email marketing, and similar. Specialised skills can include accounting and taxes, auditing services and many others.
A virtual assistant is the right hand you need to help you with operational activities, thus freeing up time for business development, family, or hobbies.

My specialisation

I specialise in creating content for social media, copywriting, graphic design and email marketing. However, I will also be happy to help you with administration, planning and organisation.

Despite my many years of experience working for businesses and corporations, I decided to invest in Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager courses, which provided me with additional valuable skills.

virtualna asistentka /virtual assistant Ľudmila Ondášová

My experience

The advantages of working with me

Reliable support

I will be happy to help you with tasks that are essential for your business and support you on your journey.

Availability and flexibility

I am here when you need me. Our cooperation can be  short or long-term. We can adjust it based on your project timelines or workload.

Gain time and energy

Leave your responsibilities to me and devote yourself to the further development of your business or simply spend more time with your family.

Save money

Together, we will effectively solve all the essentials, and you only pay for the work done. You have no additional costs that are connected to a regular employee.











3 simple steps to a successful cooperation



If you are interested in a virtual assistant, fill out the form below and write what tasks you need help with and whether it will be a one-time or regular collaboration.



Depending on the type and difficulty of the assigned tasks, I will prepare a price offer or an hourly rate, we will estimate the amount of time required for completion and the deadline.We will be in touch during the whole process and you will also be able to follow my work.



After completing the assignment, I will send you a work report with the duration of individual activities and any comments. At the same time, I will send an invoice for the work done.


The hourly rate depends on the monthly scope of work and each quote is taken into account individually based on the agreed tasks/time.


10 hours/month (25€/hour)



20 hours/month (24€/hour)



40 hours/month (23€/hour)


If you are unsure as to how many hours of work to order, or you simply wish to try working with me, you can start with the smallest package and and we will agree on further cooperation based on the report from the previous period.
I use the Toggl application to report the time worked.


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Mark Manney​

“I hired Ľudmila as my virtual assistant in 2018. I appreciate her commitment to the job and consistent attention to detail. She is loyal, hard-working, and creative.”

You can see some of my work in my portfolio.


Let me know what I can help you with as a virtual assistant.
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